Tea for stomach ache

Is there tea for stomach ache? Can there really be a tea with medicine like effects? Yes, of course there can. Many medications for bad stomach ache contain herbs and substances from different kinds of plants and the medicines aren’t only composed by chemical products. Tea for stomach ache can be of many different kinds. As always, when combining “real” medicines with herb products, you should be careful and talk to a specialist in advance. When you buy tea for stomach ache you can read on the packages which tea is suitable for which kind of bad stomach ache. There is not only one miracle tea for stomach ache; you have to choose the brand and sort of tea that will ease your specific problems. Green tea is the most popular sort of tea to relieve bad stomach ache. Green tea is also used for other health problems and many people drink it just for the calming and harmonizing effect. But can you get green tea stomach ache, that is, bad stomach ache just from drinking green tea? Yes, this might happen if you drink too much of the green tea, or if the concentration is too high. The herbs in green tea can be strong and not everybody can take that. When you’re having a bad stomach ache, your body gets weaker than usual and you get more sensitive to strong effective herbs, for example.

Recipe to make peppermint tea

- You need 1 cup of water and 2-3 teaspoons of dried or fresh peppermint leaves.
- The dried leaves are stronger in taste so if you use them you can use a lesser amount.
- Boil the water and pour it over the peppermint leaves which you have put in an ordinary tea strainer.
- Then you leave it all to subtract for 10-15 minutes until all the flavor has come into the water.
- Strain the tea so no parts of the leaves are left in the water.

Now you’ve made peppermint tea and hopefully it will ease your bad stomach ache!

To make peppermint tea is a good idea if you’re suffering from bad stomach ache. Peppermint tea is said and proven to relieve indigestion, nausea and gas and it also supports digestion. These conditions will most certainly cause you bad stomach ache which you’ll want to get rid of as soon as possible. To make peppermint tea is as already mentioned a good tip. When you make your own tea, you’re in full control over the ingredients and you decrease the risk of getting side effects due to unknown substances that reacts with your sensitive stomach. Peppermint tea is calming and relaxing, both for your mind and your body and this is a reason to why peppermint tea is so effective when it comes to soothing bad stomach ache. To make peppermint tea is a very easy activity and here I explain how you can do it at home.